Mission & Objectives

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ü  To develop sense of volunteerism

ü  Reinforce sense of Pride, Awareness and Motivation

ü  Educate, motivate and guide against extremism, terrorism, anti-state and inhuman activities

ü  To take part in environment decoration like planting, charts painting etc…

ü  To give awareness about field of Information Technology (IT) and its legends

ü  Developing mutual friendship, Tolerance, understanding and cooperation among the students

ü  Patronize sports and recreation activities, sports competition, expansion of sports facilities at all administrative levels on sustainable basis




ü  To conduct Debate, Programming and Gaming (Sports, PC based) competitions inside the institute

ü  Talented and high performing youth will be given recognition reward and efforts be made to motivate them to extend their passion

ü  To arrange programs like dramas, student’s awareness presentations, open day’s etc... For interaction between Alumni

ü  To celebrate special days like world cleaning day or Grace Murray Hooper’s day for student’s awareness

ü  To arrange extra classes in extra times during the university timing

ü  To conduct chart exhibition(painting, handwriting etc..) and project display events

ü  To do social work in university i.e. cleaning and planting etc…

ü  To arrange seminars and conduct sports competitions with (inter department/intra departments)

ü  To arrange Educational/Leisure trips (trips to software houses or any other picnic points or sports tours)

ü  This society will create awareness about responsible and safe behavior, provide youth friendly and health care counseling and guidance facilities

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