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§  Society will not take part in any political activity and will not use any of its members for any political activities.

§  Members of society will give proper time to their studies and will never leave the class during lecture for society meetings.

§  The first priority and concern of members will be academic study and they will look after their society concerns after completing their studies objective.

§  Society will not take part in any violent activities.

§  Society will strictly follow the university rules.

§  Before Organizing any event society will take permission from Director (IECS) and Chairmen (Software/Telecom Department). 



_________________     ________________             _______________

    SE Deptt; Faculty Adviser        Telecom Deptt; Faculty Adviser                      CS Faculty Adviser

  Engr. Muhammad Assam         Engr. Kifayat Ullah                      Mr. Sadaqat Ali Khan Bangash

 (SIGNATURE)                                   (SIGNATURE)                                                               (SIGNATURE)




 Chairman (SE): ___________________                           Chairman (TE): ______________________

                  Engr. Javed Ali Khan                                                Engr. Rehan Ali Khan

                       (SIGNATURE)                                                                                        (SIGNATURE)




Chairman (CS): ___________________

                     Dr. Khalid Shah  



Director (IECS): _______________________

                              Dr. Aurangzeb                                                                                                       (SIGNATURE)



Download Affidavit in PDF Formate 

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