Organizing Committee Members

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i.                    Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad, Chairman, Department of Biotechnology

ii.                  Dr. Faizen, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany

iii.                Mr. Yar Muhammad, Lecturer, Department of Chemistry

iv.                Mr. Naimat Ullah, Lecturer, Department of Physics

v.                  Mr. Younas Ali Khan, Lecturer, Department of Mathematics

vi.                Engr. Kifayat, Institute of Engineering & Computing Sciences (IECS)

vii.              Engr. Shakoor, Institute of Engineering & Computing Sciences (IECS)

viii.            Mr. Majid Ali Shah, Institute of Management Science (IMS)

ix.                Mr. Taskeen Udin, Institute of Management Science (IMS)

x.                  Mr. Younus Khan, Lecturer, Deptt. of Maths.

xi.         Mr. Rahmat Ullah Khan  as Webmaster

xii.               Mr. Muhammad Tufail Durrani, In charge Gardners

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